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Florida Power & Light Company: Energy Curriculum

Curriculum Overview

The energy interdisciplinary unit of study fosters critical thinking skills, increases vocabulary, stimulates communication skills, and encourages students to transfer knowledge as students ask, explore and assess what they know and what they have learned. The energy curriculum allows students to develop and build their own path as they learn the subject matter throughout the disciplines. Therefore, increasing enthusiasm and developing a personal relationship with the theme. In doing so, students are able to apply this knowledge both in school and in their real world experiences.


1. This curriculum works for all students regardless of their educational paradigm.

2. Transferable skills of critical thinking, synthesis and research are developed and are applicable to future learning experiences.

3. Students begin to consolidate learning by synthesizing ideas from many perspectives and consider an alternative way of acquiring knowledge.

4. This fully-developed curriculum helps students cover topics in more depth, increases vocabulary, and ultimately improves test scores.

Teacher Curriculum

1. Step by Step process for all activities using resources and materials usually found within the classroom.

2. Our wide array of lesson plans allow for flexible program scheduling that can be used weekly, monthly, or in a manner that best suits the teacher’s classroom.

3. Program offers an interactive approach to teaching required standards and Next Generation Sunshine State Standards, while promoting higher test scores.

 Our platform gives teachers the tools they need to do what they do best: TEACH